Led Zeppelin - Live At BBC 1 April 1971 [2LP] Limited White Colored Vinyl , Gatefold (import)

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Limited Edition White Colored Double Vinyl LP!

Gatefold Sleeve!

Taken from a stereo soundboard source, the recordings contained in this unofficial white double vinyl on the Maison Blanche label document the performance of which Led Zeppelin was the protagonist on 1 April 1971 at the Paris Theater in London for the "Live In" programme. Concert" presented on BBC Radio 1 by John Peel. After the introduction of the famous DJ, there are 11 songs in the setlist including three previews from the still unreleased fourth album: "Black Dog", "Going To California" and above all a "Stairway To Heaven" greeted by an unusual silence because it has not yet familiar to the ears of the public. The rest of the repertoire alternates the very powerful hard rock of "Immigrant Song", "Heartbreaker", "Whole Lotta Love" and "Communication Breakdown" with the relatively canonical blues of "Since I'Ve Been Loving You" and the psychedelic one of "Dazed And Confused", the chiaroscuro of "What Is And What Should Never Be" to the melodic delicacy of "Thank You" and the acoustic "That's The Way"


Side 1
1. "Immigrant Song" (5:59)
2. "Heartbreaker" (7:25)
3. "Since I've Been Loving You" (2:31)

Side 2
1. "Dazed & Confused" (18:44)

Side 3
1. "Black Dog" (6:31)
2. "Stairway To Heaven" (8:19)
3. "Going To California" (5:58)

Side 4
1. "That's The Way" (11:04)
2. "Whole Lotta Love (Medley)" (15:31)

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