Winger - Pull [LP] 30th Anniversary Hot Orange Colored Vinyl (limited)

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First-Time Vinyl Release in North America!

30th Anniversary Limited Edition Hot Orange Vinyl!

Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the Original Atlantic Records Tapes!

For their 1993 hit album Pull, Winger developed a hard-edged, metal sound, as they became a strong power trio with original members Kip Winger, Reb Beach and Rod Morgenstein.

The Pull album would go on to become one of their fan base's favorite albums thanks to the hard rockin' tracks like "Spell I'm Under," "Blind Revolution Mad," "The Lucky One" and their top rock chart hit single "Down Incognito."

The compact disc and cassette were the configurations of choice in 1993, so the Pull album was not issued as a standard vinyl release in North America....that is until now!

Friday Music is very pleased to announce the first-time vinyl release in North America of Winger's classic, Pull. To celebrate 30 years of this wonderful album, Friday Music will be issuing the album for a very limited time on stunning orange vinyl.

Mastered impeccably by Joe Reagoso (Winger/Alice Cooper) from the original Atlantic Records tapes, Pull will also be presented for the first time in North America in a full-sized LP cover.


  • First Vinyl Release in North America
  • Hot Orange Vinyl
  • 30th Anniversary Edition
  • Limited Edition
  • Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the Original Atlantic Records Tapes
  • Full-Sized LP Cover


  1. Blind Revolution Mad
  2. Down Incognito
  3. Spell I'm Under
  4. In My Veins
  5. Junkyard Dog (Tears on Stone)
  6. The Lucky One
  7. In for the Kill
  8. No Man's Land
  9. Like a Ritual
  10. Who's the One

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