REO Speedwagon - Hi Infidelity [LP] (Sea Glass Colored 150 Gram Vinyl, remastered)

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Newly Remastered & Pressed on Sea Glass Vinyl!

The Billboard number one, certified Diamond (10x Platinum) album. Includes the hits "Keep On Loving You," "Take It on the Run," "Don't Let Him Go" and "In Your Letter." Newly remastered vinyl edition on sea glass color vinyl.


  • Newly Remastered
  • Sea Glass Vinyl
  • 150g Vinyl


Side A:

  1. Don't Let Him Go
  2. Keep On Loving You
  3. Follow My Heart
  4. In Your Letter
  5. Take It on the Run

Side B:

  1. Tough Guys
  2. Out of Season
  3. Shakin' It Loose
  4. Someone Tonight
  5. I Wish You Were There

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