Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes [3LP+7''] (180 Gram, 40th Anniversary Edition, Deluxe Edition feat previously unreleased demos, live tracks & more)

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40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition 180g 3LP Box Set!

Remastered & Expanded with Unreleased Demos, Live Tracks & More!

Includes Bonus 7" Single of "Ugly" b/w "Gimme the Car"!

Expanded 40th anniversary Deluxe Edition of Violent Femmes' self-titled debut featuring the remastered album, plus B-sides, live sessions, and rare demos. Housed in a lift-top box with die-cut darkened window detail revealing the box contents, the set includes three 180-gram LPs plus a replica 7" single, along with a book featuring new liner notes by journalist David Fricke and interviews with the band. Includes the classic anthems "Blister in the Sun," "Please Do Not Go," "Gone Daddy Gone," and "Add It Up."

One of the most distinctive records of the early alternative movement and an enduring cult classic, Violent Femmes weds the geeky, child-man persona of Jonathan Richman and the tense, jittery, hyperactive feel of new wave in an unlikely context: raw, amateurish acoustic folk-rock... powered by Brian Ritchie's busy acoustic bass riffing and the urgency and wild abandon of punk rock, the Femmes forged a sound all their own.
-Steve Huey, AllMusic, 5/5


  • 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
  • 3LP Box Set
  • 180g Vinyl
  • Original Album Remastered 2023
  • B-Sides, Live Sessions & Rare Demos
  • Replica 7" Single: "Ugly" b/w "Gimme the Car"
  • Lift-Top Box with Die-Cut Darkened Window Detail Reveals the Box Contents
  • Book with New Liner Notes by David Fricke & Interviews with Violent Femmes


Side A:

  1. Blister in the Sun
  2. Kiss Off, 3.Please Do Not Go
  3. Add It Up
  4. Confessions

Side B:

  1. Prove My Love
  2. Promise
  3. To the Kill
  4. Gone Daddy Gone / I Just Want to Make Love to You
  5. Good Feeling

Side C:

  1. Girl Trouble [Demo]
  2. Breakin' Up [Demo]
  3. Waiting for the Bus [Demo]
  4. Blister in the Sun [Demo]
  5. Kiss Off [Demo]

Side D:

  1. Please Do Not Go [Demo]
  2. Add It Up [Demo]
  3. Confessions [Demo]
  4. Prove My Love [Demo]

Side E:

  1. Special [Live at Beneath-It-All Cafè / 1981]
  2. Country Death Song [Live at Beneath-It-All Cafè / 1981]
  3. To the Kill [Live at Beneath-It-All Cafè / 1981]
  4. Never Tell [Live at Beneath-It-All Cafè / 1981]
  5. Break Song [Live at The Jazz Gallery / 1981]
  6. Her Television [Live at The Jazz Gallery / 1981]

Side F:

  1. How Do You Say Goodbye [Live at The Jazz Gallery / 1981]
  2. Theme and Variations [Live at The Jazz Gallery / 1981]
  3. Prove My Love [Live at Folk City / 1983]
  4. Gone Daddy Gone / I Just Want to Make Love to You [Live at Folk City / 1983]
  5. Promise [Live at Folk City / 1983]
  6. In Style [Live at Folk City / 1983]
  7. Add It Up [Live at Folk City / 1983]

7" Single

  1. Ugly
  2. Gimme the Car

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