Nuggets: Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era (1965-1968), Vol. 2 [2LP] Limited Psychedelic Splatter Vinyl

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Limited Edition Double Psychedelic Splatter Colored Vinyl!

Nuggets: Original Artyfacts from the First Psychedelic Era is a compilation album of American psychedelic and garage rock singles that were released during the mid-to-late 1960s. It was created by Lenny Kaye, who was a writer and clerk at the Village Oldies record shop in New York.


1 Do You Believe In Magic (The Lovin’ Spoonful)
2 7 and 7 Is (2023 Remaster) (Love)
3 Little Girl (Syndicate Of Sound)
4 A Question of Temperature (Balloon Farm)
5 Double Shot (Of My Baby’s Love) [2023 Remaster] (Swingin’ Medallions)
6 Action Woman (2023 Remaster) (The Litter)
7 Talk Talk (2023 Remaster) (The Music Machine)
8 I See The Light (2023 Remaster) (The Five Americans)
9 96 Tears (? (Question Mark) & The Mysterians)
10 Open Up Your Door (2023 Remaster) (RICHARD & THE YOUNG LIONS)
11 Laugh Laugh (2023 Remaster) (The Beau Brummels)
12 Stop! - Get A Ticket (2023 Remaster) (CLEFS OF LAVENDER HILL)
13 I Cannot Stop You (2023 Remaster) (The Cherry Slush)
14 Frustration (2023 Remaster) (The Mystic Tide)

1 Run, Run, Run (2023 Remaster) (The Gestures)
2 It’s Cold Outside (2023 Remaster) (The Choir)
3 Free As The Wind (2023 Remaster) (The Myddle Class)
4 Whatcha Gonna Do About It (2023 Remaster) (The Evil)
5 What A Way To Die (2023 Remaster) (The Pleasure Seekers)
7 A Little Bit Of Soul (2023 Remaster) (The Music Explosion)
8 Black On White (2023 Remaster) (The North Atlantic Invasion Force)
9 Dance, Franny, Dance (2023 Remaster) (Floyd Dakil Combo)
10 Going All The Way (2023 Remaster) (The Squires)
11 You Must Be A Witch (2023 Remaster) (The Lollipop Shoppe)
12 The Witch (2023 Remaster) (The Sonics)
13 Blackout Of Gretely (2023 Remaster) (GONN)
14 The Spider And The Fly (2023 Remaster) (The Monocles)

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