Johnny Marr - Adrenalin Baby [2LP] Limited Pink & Black Splatter Colored Vinyl, poster

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Limited Pink & Black Splatter Colored Vinyl + Poster!

Johnny Marr / Adrenalin Baby - DOUBLE LP SPLATTER / Adrenalin Baby was recorded live during the Playland tour in 2014. It includes live recordings predominantly from the iconic Manchester Apollo and Brixton Academy. Marr said he wanted to capture the atmosphere and feeling of the last couple of tours. It contains live versions of tracks from his solo records, Playland, The Messenger, whilst also including songs from earlier in his career, such as Getting Away With It. Adrenalin Baby also features several songs by The Smiths, such as The Headmaster Ritual, How Soon Is Now and Bigmouth Strikes Again. ? First time on colour vinyl, black & pink splatter ? Includes hits such as How Soon Is Now and Bigmouth Strikes Again ? Free Johnny Marr A1 poster.

1. Playland (Live)
2. The Right Thing Right (Live)
3. Easy Money (Live)
4. 25 Hours (Live)
5. New Town Velocity (Live)
6. The Headmaster Ritual (Live)
7. The Messenger (Live)
8. Back in the Box (Live)
9. Generate! Generate! (Live)
10. Bigmouth Strikes Again (Live)
11. Boys Get Straight (Live)
12. Candidate (Live)
13. Getting Away with It (Live)
14. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out (Live)
15. Dynamo (Live)
16. I Fought the Law (Live)
17. How Soon Is Now? (Live)
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