Seals & Crofts - Seals & Crofts' Greatest Hits [LP] (Clear Blue ''Diamond Girl'' Vinyl, limited)

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Limited Edition Clear Blue "Diamond Girll" Vinyl LP!
Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the Original Warner Records Tapes!
Featuring Smash Hits "Diamond Girl," "Summer Breeze" & More!

The legendary rock superstars Seals & Crofts burst onto the rock music scene in the late sixties with their much revered harmonies and major hit songs like "Summer Breeze" forever changing the fortunes of this very popular rock duo.

After a run of successful albums and top charting pop and album rock singles, Warner Records honored this legendary act with their first best of collection Seals & Crofts' Greatest Hits. Produced by the legendary guitarist and producer Louie Shelton (Boz Scaggs, Kenny Rogers, The Monkees), this 1975 platter was filled with a generous helping of their most popular hit singles and album tracks from many smash albums like "Diamond Girl" "Year of Sunday" and "Summer Breeze."

The masterpiece is loaded with stunning hit tracks like "Diamond Girl," "Summer Breeze," "I'll Play for You," "When I Meet Them" and even more classics like "We May Never Pass This Way Again."

Being one of the most popular albums in their career, Seals & Crofts' Greatest Hits went on to collect multi-platinum accolades since its 1975 release.

Friday Music is very pleased to announce for the very first time ever on stunning Gold "Summer Breeze" Vinyl, Seals & Crofts' Greatest Hits. Mastered impeccably from the original Warner Records tapes by Joe Reagoso (America/Doobie Brothers/Yes), this amazing rock classic truly shines in the vinyl domain.

To enhance your super limited edition LP, Friday Music have also included the much acclaimed Tom Wilkes album cover artwork, in a stunning gatefold cover, including lyrics to all your favorite songs.

The beautiful classic rock sounds of Seals & Crofts continue with Seals & Crofts' Greatest Hits... only from your friends at Friday Music.


  • Limited Edition
  • Clear Blue "Diamond Girl" vinyl
  • Mastered by Joe Reagoso from the Original Warner Records Tapes at Friday Music Studios
  • Gatefold Jacket with Acclaimed Tom Wilkes Album Cover Artwork
  • Lyrics


Side One:

  1. When I Meet Them
  2. Diamond Girl
  3. Hummingbird
  4. Castles In the Sand
  5. East of Ginger Trees

Side Two:

  1. I'll Play For You
  2. Ruby Jean and Billie Lee
  3. King of Nothing
  4. Summer Breeze
  5. We May Never Pass This Way (Again)

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