Death - Leprosy [LP] (Hot Pink, Bone White & Blue Jay Tri Color Merge with Splatter Vinyl, download, reissue)

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Limited Edition Neon Violet, Bone White & Red Tri-Color Splatter Colored Vinyl!

The sixth installment in Relapse's exhaustive reissue campaign of Death's immensely influential catalog is Leprosy, the band's titanic second album. Originally released in 1988 Leprosy was a pioneering album, building upon the thrash sounds of Metallica and Slayer but adding a previously unheard level of raw extremity. These songs are the roots of an entire genre: Death metal. While this was only the second record Death released, it immediately cemented them as heavy metal icons.


1 Leprosy
2 Born Dead
3 Forgotten Past
4 Left to Die
5 Pull the Plug
6 Open Casket
7 Primitive Ways
8 Choke on It

2024 Relapse