Christine McVie - In the Meantime [2LP] (D-side etching) (bonus track)

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First Time on Vinyl!
Includes Previously Unreleased Bonus Track "Little Darlin'"!
Songbird Etching on Fourth Side!

Originally released in 2004, In the Meantime was produced by Christine McVie, Ken Caillat and Dan Perfect (Christine's nephew). Dan Perfect created a new stereo mix of the album, which was approved by Christine before her passing in 2022. The album has not been released on vinyl previously, and is a 2LP with a Songbird etching on side four.


  • Double LP
  • Brand New Mix
  • Remastered
  • First Time on Vinyl
  • Previously Unreleased "Little Darlin'"
  • Songbird Etching on Side Four
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Made in USA


Side One:

  1. Friend
  2. You Are
  3. Northern Star
  4. Bad Journey

Side Two:

  1. Anything is Possible
  2. Calumny
  3. So Sincere
  4. Easy Come, Easy Go
  5. Liar

Side Three:

  1. Sweet Revenge
  2. Forgiveness
  3. Givin' It Back
  4. Little Darlin' (Bonus Track)

Side Four:

Songbird Etching

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