Chicago - Chicago X [LP] (Gold Colored Vinyl, Anniversary Edition, gatefold, limited)

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Limited Edition Gold Vinyl LP!

Mastered by Joe Reagoso & Lee Loughnane from the Original 1976 Chicago Records Tapes!

Featuring the Grammy Award-Winning Chocolate Bar Album Cover!

1976's Chicago X was another huge multi-platinum plus smash for Chicago. Featuring the original award winning line-up of Robert Lamm (lead vocals/keyboards), Peter Cetera (lead vocals/bass), Terry Kath (lead vocals/guitars), the legendary horns of Lee Loughnane (trumpet), Walter Parazaider (saxophone/woodwinds), James Pankow (trombone), Danny Seraphine (drums) and Laudir de Oliveira (percussion), Chicago X is undoubtedly one of their biggest selling albums of the late seventies and is also one of the most loved offerings in their stunning catalog.

Buoyed by the success of huge hit singles like the #1 power ballad "If You Leave Me Now" and "Another Rainy Day in New York City," their tenth album was filled with more greatness like "You Are on My Mind" featuring James Pankow on vocals, as well as Lee Lougnane's stellar vocal work on "Together Again."

Many of the fine tunes on this well crafted album also feature the sorely missed vocals and guitar of Terry Kath, where he truly shines on tracks like his compositions "Once or Twice" and the LP closer "Hope for Love," both of which make this fine album even more of a treasure trove of classic rock enjoyment.

Friday Music is very honored to continue the Chicago Vinyl Series with their #1 multi-platinum masterpiece Chicago X. Mastered impeccably from the original 1976 Chicago Records master tapes by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios with Chicago's Lee Loughnane, this super limited edition album is pressed on Gold vinyl.

To further enhance your Chicago listening experience, they have also included the Grammy Award Winner "Chocolate Bar" album cover in gatefold style designed by John Berg.

Chicago X from Chicago... on impeccable Gold vinyl... exclusively from your friends at Friday Music...

"If You Leave Me Now......"


  • Limited Edition
  • Gold Vinyl
  • Mastered by Joe Reagoso & Chicago's Lee Loughnane from the Original 1976 Chicago Records Tapes
  • Grammy Award-Winning "Chocolate Bar" Gatefold Cover Designed by John Berg
  • Made in the USA


Side 1:

  1. Once Or Twice
  2. You Are On My Mind
  3. Skin Tight
  4. If You Leave Me Now
  5. Together Again
  6. Another Rainy Day In New York City

Side 2:

  1. Mama Mama
  2. Scrapbook
  3. Gently I'll Wake You
  4. You Get It Up
  5. Hope For Love

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