Cars, The - Candy-O [LP] (180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, limited/numbered) Mobile Fidelity

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Michael Fremer Rated 8/10 Music, 9/10 Sonics!

Numbered, Limited Edition! Half-Speed Mastered From Original Master Tapes!

The Cars' 1979 sophomore album, now on Mobile Fidelity Half-speed mastered 180g vinyl, is a must-hear new-wave classic.

How did the Cars move beyond their smash 1978 debut and secure their status as one of music’s leading bands for years to come? Look no further than the quadruple-platinum "Candy-O". Continuing along the streamlined pop paths of its predecessor, the sophomore effort is preoccupied with desirable women that are as mysterious, sexy, and cool as the group’s music—and the record’s pin-up cover.

With rare exception, few new-wave artists enjoyed much of a career outside of a one-hit wonder. "Candy-O" proves the Cars were anything but. It’s loaded with minimalist atmospherics, pulsing bass lines, catchy refrains, and labyrinthine synthesizers that stick in your mind for days. And while retaining a simplicity that’s a Cars hallmark, the album also takes myriad stylistic detours: the glam-rock accents of "Dangerous Type," a song whose title references the record’s mysterious and lusty matter; the percolating riffs of the contagious title track; the dizzying garage-rock nature of the upbeat "Got a Lot on My Mind," complete with a tooting Farfisa organ. Nothing drags or feels out of place.

Through it all, vocalists Benjamin Orr and Ric Ocasek keep their heads about themselves, singing in direct albeit detached tones that convey the tension, excitement, and risky promise inherent in the lyrics. Hook-laced choruses abound. Yet all is not what it seems.

Half-speed mastered from the original analog tapes, Mobile Fidelity’s numbered limited-edition LP brings the Cars’ distinctive melodies and exotic arrangements to the fore in ways that have never been heard outside of the recording studio. For the first time, Roy Thomas Baker’s vocal production shines, with each member’s contributions rescued from a cold sonic murk that detracted from the music’s impact on both vinyl and the extremely compressed CD. Once you hear the newly uncovered dynamics and rich textures, you’ll be wondering where they were all of these years. Chalk this up as an essential addition to your pop collection.

"Hooks are mechanical by nature, but the affectlessness of these deserves special mention; only listeners who consider 'alienation is the craze' a great insight will find much meaning here. On the other hand, only listeners who demand meaning in all things will find this useless. Cold and thin, shiny and hypnotic, it's what [the Cars] do best--rock and roll that is definitely pop without a hint of cuteness." - Robert Christgau, The Consumer Guide

"Dynamics are much improved on Candy-O, being consistently punchy and engaging. Drums in particular are rendered with greater realism, especially when you consider the already “larger than life“ inherent production values. Thankfully the cymbals are reproduced cleanly without being overly bright. The new mastering also provides better treble and bass extension, along with a wider and deeper soundstage. Heck, there is even some space around Ocasek's vocals. Background instrumentals are also better separated in the mix." /b>- Michael Fremer,, Music 8/10, Sound 9/10!

• Numbered, Limited Edition
• 180g Vinyl
• 1/2 Speed mastered from the original master tapes

Ric Ocasek, vocals, rhythm guitar
Greg Hawkes, keyboards, percussion, sax, backing vocals
Benjamin Orr, vocals, bass guitar
David Robinson, drums, percussion
Elliot Easton, lead guitar, backing vocals

Side 1:
1. Let's Go
2. Since I Held You
3. It's All I Can Do
4. Double Life
5. Shoo Be Doo
6. Candy-O

Side 2:
1. Night Spots
2. You Can't Hold On Too Long
3. Lust For Kicks
4. Got A Lot On My Head
5. Dangerous Type

2011Mobile Fidelity