Beatles, The - Everyday Chemistry [LP] Limited Edition White Colored Vinyl (import)

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Limited Edition White Colored Vinyl!

Full Color Sleeve!

Vinyl release of this legendary 2009 mixtape - You see, this is a genuine Beatles record, recovered from a parallel dimension where the band never broke up and are still alive, well, and doing reunion tours. James Richards (an obvious pseudonym) brought back the tape as testament to his travels and was kind enough to post it online for all to hear. Of course, there are skeptics who argue that the record is really just a great epic mash-up of pre- and post-breakup Beatles samples, especially considering the lyrical similarities shared with Band on the Run… Regardless, it remains a dense, taut superball of John, Paul, Ringo and George. Awesome in any dimension..

A1 Four Guys 4:17
A2 Talking To Myself 3:33
A3 Anybody Else 5:53
A4 Sick To Death 2:51
A5 Jenn 3:28

B1 I'm Just Sitting Here 3:22
B2 Soldier Boy 3:21
B3 Over The Ocean 3:35
B4 Days Like These 3:22
B5 Saturday Night 3:21
B6 Mr Gator's Swamp Jamboree