Alice Cooper - Road [2LP+DVD] (Orange Marbled Vinyl) (2023 Album)

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Alice Cooper's Bob Ezrin-Produced 2023 Album on Double LP with Bonus DVD Video!

Pressed on Limited Orange Marbled Colored Vinyl!

The road will make you or break you. To survive it, you need to be as tough as asphalt and move fast enough to make the competition eat dust. Throughout 2022, Alice collaborated closely with the members of his touring band as well as longtime producer Bob Ezrin, putting together what would become his 2023 studio album, Road. You can feel the energy and lightness that the band brings with every riff and hear the story behind what inspired them. Bringing everything full circle, it channels the spirit of old-school Alice with instantly recognizable grit and plenty of gusto. It's everything you'd hope for from him and more. And this time his trusted longtime bandmates - Ryan Roxie [guitar], Chuck Garric [bass], Tommy Henrikson [guitar], Glen Sobel [drums], and Nita Strauss [guitar] - are riding shotgun.

Kane Roberts (a touring and recording collaborator with Alice's band in years past who briefly rejoined Cooper on the road in 2022) makes a special guest appearance, contributing the raucous and rip-roaring "Dead Don't Dance." Other special contributors to the album include Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello, who co-wrote, and plays and sings backing vocals on "White Line Frankenstein," and Buckcherry's Keith Nelson and MC5's Wayne Kramer, who also co-wrote new songs with Alice.


  • Double LP
  • Orange Marbled Colored Vinyl
  • DVD Video - Live at Hellfest 2022


Side A:

  1. I'm Alice
  2. Welcome to the Show
  3. All Over the World

Side B:

  1. Dead Don't Dance
  2. Go Away
  3. White Line Frankenstein

Side C:

  1. Big Boots
  2. Rules of the Road
  3. The Big Goodbye

Side D:

  1. Road Rats Forever
  2. Baby Please Don't Go
  3. 100 More Miles
  4. Magic Bus


  1. Feed My Frankenstein (Live at Hellfest)
  2. No More Mr. Nice Guy (Live at Hellfest)
  3. Bed of Nails (Live at Hellfest)
  4. Hey Stoopid (Live at Hellfest)
  5. Fallen in Love (Live at Hellfest)
  6. Go Man Go (Live at Hellfest)
  7. Guitar Solo by Nita Strauss (Live at Hellfest)
  8. Roses on White Lace (Live at Hellfest)
  9. I'm Eighteen (Live at Hellfest)
  10. Poison (Live at Hellfest)
  11. Billion Dollar Babies (Live at Hellfest)
  12. The Black Widow Jam (Live at Hellfest)
  13. Steven (Live at Hellfest)
  14. Dead Babies (Live at Hellfest)
  15. I Love the Dead (Live at Hellfest)
  16. Escape (Live at Hellfest)
  17. School's Out (Live at Hellfest)

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