Ace Frehley - Space Invader [2LP] (Clear & Tangerine 180 Gram Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 750)

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Limited Edition 180 gram Vinyl Clear & Neon Green Colored vinyl in Gatefold!

Only 750 Copies of Each Release!

Like a shooting star headed toward earth from another solar system, Ace Frehley operates in his own musical galaxy. He’s a musical maverick, an improbable bestselling New York Times author in 2011, and iconoclast adored by millions of fans around the world since 1974. Through his seminal work with KISS and as a solo artist, Ace Frehley is championed as one of the most influential guitar players of the last four decades and his impact on popular music is immeasurable.
1. Space Invader
2. Gimme A Feelin'
3. I Wanna Hold You
4. Change
5. Toys
6. Immortal Pleasures
7. Inside the Vortex
8. What Every Girl Wants
9. Past the Milky Way
10. Reckless
11.The Joker
12. Starship
13. Gimme a Feelin' (Radio Edit)
14. Space Invader (Radio Edit)

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