Seals & Crofts - Now Playing [LP] Soft Rock Compilation

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Ten Soft Rock Hits on Vinyl LP!
Part of Rhino's "Now Playing" Series!

"Summer Breeze." Did a song title ever describe an artist so perfectly? Multi-instrumentalists Jim Seals and Dash Crofts made music that lifted and carried you through the sonic equivalent of a July afternoon: meadow-sweet and mellow, all gauzy pastels and airy harmonies. These ten original recordings draw on the duo's 1970s radio hits and album tracks, weaving a nostalgic soft-rock spell that will—as they once put it—make you feel fine.


  • Rhino's "Now Playing" Series
  • Vinyl LP
  • Made in USA


Side One:

  1. Summer Breeze
  2. Hummingbird
  3. Diamond Girl
  4. We May Never Pass This Way (Again)
  5. King Of Nothing

Side Two:

  1. I'll Play For You
  2. Get Closer
  3. The Love Theme From "One On One" (My Fair Share)
  4. You're The Love
  5. First Love

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