Rush - 2112 [3LP] (40th Anniversary, 200 Gram, side-six etching) Turntable Mat, Hologram

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40th Anniversary Edition on 200g Audiophile Vinyl 3LP with Hologram, Laser Etching & Starman Turntable Mat!

Five Newly Recorded Covers from Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz, Billy Talent, Steven Wilson, Alice In Chains & Jacob Moon!
Live Outtakes from Massey Hall 1976!

Originally released in 1976, Rush’s epic, landmark release 2112 was their creative and commercial breakthrough as well as one of the band’s most highly regarded releases among both fans and critics alike. With lyrics written by Neil Peart, 2112 kicks off with the ambitious seven-suite title track set in a futuristic world run by the “Priests of the Temples of Syrinx” who determine the content of all reading matter, songs, pictures – every facet of life.

Rush/2112 40th Anniversary Edition features extensive liner notes by renowned rock historian Rob Bowman, and newly designed artwork by longtime Rush art director Hugh Syme. The set’s rare recordings include “Solar Federation,” spotlighting the isolated Neil Peart vocals that close the song “2112” in “Grand Finale,” two outtakes from the 1976 Massey Hall concerts including “Something For Nothing” and a nearly complete 15+ minute performance of “2112,” as well as a recently-rediscovered live version of the album track “The Twilight Zone,” which has only been performed twice in the band’s long history.

The epic 2112 album which guitarist Alex Lifeson described as “the first record where we sounded like Rush,” is widely regarded as a crucial landmark in Rush’s body of work. Although it was the band’s fourth album, it’s generally considered to be the one on which the band’s epic sound and ambitious conceptual approach blossomed. Resisting record-company pressure to focus on shorter, more radio-friendly songs, the band stuck to its guns and constructed the album’s seminal seven-part, 20-minute title piece, a conceptual suite set in a dystopian future.

40th Anniversary 200g 3LP Edition features a unique Starman turntable mat, a special laser-etched LP side, the 2015 hologram on 2112's side B, rare live outtakes from the '76 Massey Hall shows, additional unreleased material and newly-recorded tracks from 2112 by Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz, Alice In Chains and more.

• 40th Anniversary Edition
• 200 Gram Audiophile 3LP Set
• 5 newly recorded covers from Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz, Billy Talent, Steven Wilson, Alice In Chains & Jacob Moon.
• Live Outtakes from Massey Hall 1976
• New Artwork by Hugh Syme
• Liner Notes by Rock Historian Rob Bowman
• Red Star Vinyl Hologram
• Red Star + Circuit Board Vinyl Etching
• Starman Turntable Record Mat
• Limited Time Digital Download Card featuring 320kbps AAC MP4s (expires 12/31/18)
• Gatefold Jacket

Side 1:

1. I. Overture
2. II. The Temples Of Syrinx
3. III. Discovery
4. IV. Presentation
5. V. Oracle: The Dream
6. VI. Soliloquy
7. VII. Grand Finale
Side 2:
1. A Passage To Bangkok
2. The Twilight Zone
3. Lessons
4. Tears
5. Something For Nothing

Side 3:
1. Solar Federation
2. Overture - Dave Grohl, Taylor Hawkins, Nick Raskulinecz
3. A Passage To Bangkok - Billy Talent
4. The Twilight Zone - Steven Wilson
5. Tears - Alice In Chains
6. Something For Nothing - Jacob Moon
Side 4:
2112 - Live at Massey Hall 1976 Outtake
1. I Overture
2. II The Temples Of Syrinx
3. III Discovery
4. IV Presentation
5. V Soliloquy
6. VI Grand Finale

Side 5:
1. Something For Nothing - Live at Massey Hall 1976 outtake
2. The Twilight Zone - Live 1977 Contraband
3. 2112 1976 Radio Ad
Side 6:
Custom vinyl etching by Hugh Syme


2016 Mercury Records