Willie Nelson - Legendary Outlaw [LP] (Multi-Colored Vinyl, gatefold)

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Limited Edition Multi-Color Vinyl LP!

Vinyl collection of early and rare recordings from the biggest legend of outlaw country, Willie Nelson!

Nelson's matchless songwriting and rebellious spirit made him one of the most influential music icons of all-time and songs such as "Things To Remember:, "A Moment Isn't Very Long" and "The Face Of A Fighter" show why! Comes in a gatefold jacket with unique multi-color vinyl.


  • Limited Edition
  • Multi-Color Vinyl
  • Gatefold jacket


Side A:

  1. Things To Remember
  2. A Moment Isn't Very Long
  3. Healing Hands Of Time
  4. Slow Down Old World
  5. Some Other Time
  6. The Face Of A Fighter

Side B:

  1. Following Me Around
  2. I Hope So
  3. Why Are You Pickin' On Me
  4. I Can't Find The Time
  5. You'll Always Have Someone
  6. December Day

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