William Shatner - Ponder The Mystery [2LP] Steve Vai, Rick Wakeman, Vince Gill

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The Captain Of Sci-Fi Adventures Into Prog Rock On Double LP!
Features Steve Vai, Edgar Winter, Al Di Meola, Vince Gill & More!

Beloved television icon William Shatner's fifth studio record, originally released in 2013, is a prog rock concept album focusing on such rich and timeless themes as aging, depression, love and beauty.

"II think that prog-rock is the science fiction of music," Shatner told Rolling Stone. "Science fiction speculates on what the future might be and look like and how we'll get there, and yet there's always a central theme of humanity, or there should be. Progressive rock has the same concept of exploration into the parts of the music world that hasn't been explored."

Shatner penned all of the lyrics for the album, and his deft and poetic wordplay as well as his skillful dramatic interpretations of them is sure to delight all of his fans. Producer extraordinaire and Prog Rock icon Billy Sherwood brings a whole host of incredibly talented musicians aong for the ride including Steve Vai, Rick Wakeman, Hawkwind's Simon House and Nik Turner, Tangerine Dream's Edgar Froese, jazz great Al Di Meola, country superstar Vince Gill, and others!


  • Double LP


LP 1

  1. Red Shift
  2. Where It's Gone...I Don't Know - Feat. Mick Jones
  3. Manhunt - Feat. Simon House
  4. Ponder The Mystery - Feat. Steve Vai
  1. So Am I - Feat. Al Di Meola
  2. Change - Feat. Rick Wakeman
  3. Sunset - Feat. Joel Vandroogenbroeck
  4. Twilight - Feat. Edgar Winter

LP 2

  1. Rhythm Of The Night - Feat. Nik Turner
  2. Imagine Things - Feat. Vince Gill
  3. Do You See? - Feat. Edgar Froese
  4. Deep Down - Feat. Robby Krieger
  1. I'm Alright, I Think - Feat. Dave Koz
  2. Where Does Time Go? - Feat. George Duke
  3. Alive - Feat. Zoot Horn Rollo

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