Widespread Panic - Widespread Panic [LP]


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The band's second album ''Widespread Panic'' was released by Capricorn Records/Warner Bros. Records on July 30, 1991 and re-released in 2001 by Zomba Music Group. This title was never officially released on vinyl.
1.Send Your Mind00:03:00 2.Walkin' (For Your Love)00:04:31 3.Pigeons00:06:24 4.Mercy00:06:51 5.Rock00:05:08 6.Makes Sense To Me00:03:13 7.C. Brown00:05:55 8.Love Tractor00:05:08 9.Weight of the World00:04:49 10.I'm Not Alone00:06:23 11.Barstools And Dreamers00:09:53 12.Proving Ground00:06:49 13.The Last Straw00:04:40