Who, The - The Who Sell Out [LP] (Blue Vinyl)

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Limited Clear Blue vinyl edition

Originally planned as a concept album that would simultaneously mock and pay tribute to radio stations, this album features everything from fake jingles to commercials linking the tracks-truly creating that radio feel. It went on to become one of The Who's greatest rock achievements. The spiritual and the psychedelic surface here in tracks like "Armenia City in the Sky," "Relax" and "I Can't Reach You." Meanwhile, "I Can See For Miles" is positively thunderous, "Rael" is a mini-opera reminiscent of the renowned "Tommy," and "Tattoo" and "Sunrise" are sweet, melodic introspections. This meticulous balance between mod pop and powerful instruments comes on 180-gram vinyl, and is a reissue of the 1967 original.
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