Who, The - Odds & Sods [2LP] (Red & Yellow Vinyl, Deluxe Edition feat. bonus disc of B-sides, rarities, & extras, Pete Townshend's original track annotation)

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Odds & Sods (Deluxe Edition red & yellow colored vinyl)

One of the first "rarities" collections, released to try and defeat bootleggers, The Who's Odds & Sods was originally released in 1974. The album features the single "Young Man Blues," a previously unreleased version of "The Seeker," alternate versions of "Dogs Part Two" and "Water," plus many other gems. Deluxe red & yellow 2LP includes the original album and a bonus disc of B-sides, rarities, and extras, along with Pete Townshend's original track annotation.

 Side A
1. Postcard
2. Now I'm A Farmer
3. Put The Money Down
4. Little Billy
5. Too Much Of Anything
6. Glow Girl

Side B
1. Pure And Easy
2. Faith In Something Bigger
3. I'm The Face
4. Naked Eye
5. Long Live Rock

Side C
1. Zoot Suit
2. Here 't Is
3. Leaving Here
4. Baby Don't You Do It
5. Young Man Blues
6. Dogs Part Two
7. Here For More
8. The Seeker

Side D
1. Heaven And Hell
2. I Don't Even Know Myself
3. When I Was A Boy
4. Waspman
5. We Close Tonight
6. Water

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