Ween - Paintin' The Town Brown: Ween Live 1990-1998 [3LP] (Brown Vinyl, gatefold)

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Ween's First Live Album on Triple Brown Colored Vinyl!

Featuring Over 2 Hours of Music Including a 26-Minute Version of "Poopship Destroyer"!

First Vinyl Pressing in Over 20 Years & First-Ever US Pressing!

The first live album from Ween, released in 1999 by Elektra Records, was a career retrospective (up to that point) comprised of recordings dating back to the band's very first duo shows up to their theater tour in support of The Mollusk, including an infamous 26-minute version of "Poopship Destroyer." First vinyl pressing in over 20 years! Brown vinyl in a triple gatefold jacket.


  • 3LP
  • Brown Vinyl
  • First Vinyl Pressing in Over 20 Years
  • First-Ever US Pressing
  • Over 2 Hours of Music
  • 26-Minute Version of "Poopship Destroyer"
  • Embossed Triple Gatefold Jacket


Side A:

  1. mushroom festival in hell (Holland 1/91)
  2. japanese cowboy (Santa Monica, CA 10/96)
  3. mountain dew (St. Louis, MO 3/92)
  4. bumblebee (Switzerland 12/90)

Side B:

  1. voodoo lady (Amsterdam 12/97)
  2. ode to rene (San Francisco, CA 2/93)
  3. mister richard smoker (Santa Monica, CA 10/96)
  4. doctor rock (Melbourne, Australia 5/95)

Side C:

  1. i can't put my finger on it (Oslo, Norway 12/97)
  2. cover it with gas and set it on fire (Trenton, NJ '93)
  3. awesome sound (Amsterdam, Holland 12/97)
  4. tender situation (Leeuwarden, Holland 12/90)

Side D:

  1. mister would you please help my pony? (Oslo, Norway 12/97)
  2. i saw gener cryin' in his sleep (Santa Monica, CA 10/96)
  3. marble tulip juicy tree (San Francisco, 4/96)
  4. she fucks me (Washington D.C. 10/96)

Side E:

  1. poopship destroyer (Columbia, MO 1/95)
  2. puffy cloud (Los Angeles, CA 10/94)

Side F:

  1. vallejo (Las Vegas, NV 11/94)

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