Ween - 12 Golden Country Greats [LP] (Marbled Brown Vinyl)

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Marbled Chestnut Vinyl LP!

1996 release 12 Golden Country Greats is the Pennsylvania duo’s 5th full-length but the first to stick to just one style which was, surprisingly enough, country music. That said, the title of the album is only half-correct as there’s actually only 10 songs here, why? You’ll have to ask Dean and Gene that one. Featuring some of Nashville’s greatest session musicians (including "Pig" Robbins, Charlie McCoy, and the Jordanaires), this is one of Ween’s finest records to date, with that classic Ween sense of humor filtered through a distinct countrypolitan sound. A classic reissued on marbled saddle Brown vinyl!

• Marbled Chestnut Vinyl LP

Side A:

1. I'm Holding You
2. Japanese Cowboy
3. Piss Up A Rope
4. I Don't Wanna Leave You On the Farm
5. Pretty Girl

Side B:
6. Powder Blue
7. Mister Richard Smoker
8. Help Me Scrape the Mucus Off My Brain
9. You Were the Fool
10. Fluffy