Van Halen -Zero Demos [LP] Limited Randomly Picked Blue, Or Red Splatter Colored (Produced by Gene Simmons)

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Limited Edition Randomly Picked Blue, Or Red Splattered Colored Vinyl !

Back in the midst of time, well 1976 to be precise, Van Halen were just another struggling band trying to make it in Pasadena, and the occasional foray into Hollywood where the band had a decent local following. Gene Simmons claims he found them whilst playing one of these shows, and offered to record a demo with the band and he would shop it to labels. Of course, he had a slight ulterior motive as he saw the hot shot guitar player as a replacement for Ace, who Kiss were having a few problems with at the time.

 A1 On Fire
A2 Woman In Love
A3 House In Pain
A4 Runnin' With The Devil
A5 She's The Woman
B1 Let's Get Rockin'
B2 Big Trouble
B3 Somebody Get Me A Doctor
B4 Babe, Don't Leave Me Alone
B5 Put Out The Lights