Tyler Bates - Deadpool 2 (Score) [LP] (Picture Disc)

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Collectable Limited Edition Picture Disc!

The Marvel film Deadpool 2, scored by Tyler Bates, is the first soundtrack/score to receive a parental advisory warning. In Deadpool's comical yet crass, vulgar, uncouth fashion, the score contains phrases such as "you can't stop this motherf**er" sung in all seriousness by a Hollywood ensemble. 

The album is pressed on vinyl containing two images of Deadpool - one atop a swimming pool swan floatee, and the other a close-up of Deadpool being, well, Deadpool.

• Limited Edition
• Picture Disc
• Parental Advisory - Explicit Content

Side A:

1. X-Men Arrive
2. Fighting Dirty
3. Hello Super Powers
4. Escape
5. Vanessa
6. Weasel Interrogation
7. Holy S*** Balls
8. Mutant Convoy
9. The Name Is Cable
10. Sorry For Your Loss
11. You Can't Stop This Mother F*****
Side B:
1. Ice Box
2. Docking
3. Make The Whole World Our B****
4. Pity D***
5. Knock Knock
6. Let Me In
7. Maximum Effort
8. The Orphanage
9. Cable Flashback
10. Genuine High Grade Lead
11. Courage Mother F*****

2018 Sony Classical