Train - AM Gold [LP] (Metallic Gold 140 Gram Vinyl)

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The 11th studio album from Train, now on vinyl

First release of all-new original music in five years!

Multi-Grammy-winning band releases limited edition gold metallic vinyl

Known for their countless chart-topping hits spanning nearly three decades, multi-Grammy Award-winning band Train returns with their 11th studio album, AM Gold, now on limited edition gold metallic vinyl.

AM Gold bursts with infectious melodies and a reverent appreciation of what came before. It's one of the stated goals for the project, even down to the classic 1970s feel of the album art.

"My manager came up with the name AM Gold," explained band leader Pat Monahan to Rock Cellar in a new feature interview. "He felt like it was like an old-school AM Gold compilation of a bunch of different varieties of music. Seemed like an appropriate name."

"Writing songs is hard. Not compared to so many things I suppose, but it's difficult to create something that you love and then other people love as well. Writing songs for two and a half years in front of video screens instead of being in the presence of other humans has been a long, strange trip. And now here we are," Train frontman Pat Monahan shares. "It has to start with love. Love that goes into work comes out of work. We love this album and our fans. Thank you for waiting so long for us. I think it was worth it. AM Gold! Here we go!

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