Time, The - The Time (Expanded Edition) [2LP] (Red/White Colored Vinyl)

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Debut From Prince's Purple Rain Rivals On Limited Edition Red & White Vinyl 2LP!
Written, Produced & Performed By Prince!
Expanded Edition With Original Single Edits!

The debut album by Morris Day's band, The Time. Written & produced with, and performed almost entirely by Prince with vocals from Day. On LP for the first time since the original release. With a 6-track 2nd LP of original single edits of 5 of the album's songs (with "Cool" in 2 parts). Red and White vinyl.


  • Limited Edition
  • Red & White Vinyl
  • Double LP
  • Expanded Edition
  • Written & Produced by Prince
  • 6 Original Single Edits
  • Made in Czech Republic


Side A:

  1. Get It Up
  2. Girl
  3. After Hi School

Side B:

  1. Cool
  2. Oh, Baby
  3. The Stick

Side C:

  1. Get It Up (Single Edit)
  2. Girl (Edit)
  3. Cool (Part I)

Side D:

  1. Cool (Part II)
  2. After Hi School (Single Edit)
  3. The Stick (Single Edit)

2021 Rhino/Warner Bros