Thirty Seconds To Mars - AMERICA [LP] (White Colored Vinyl)

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Fifth Album Pressed On Vinyl LP!

The fifth studio album from the Jared Leto fronted group is their first album to follow the 2013 album Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams. It is also their first under the Interscope label after leaving Virgin. The album features the lead single "Walk On Water".

America features multiple album covers containing an array of lists of words that reflect the themes of the album, including the most prescribed drugs, iconic American names, the most valuable trademarks, popular sex positions, recognizable abbreviated agencies, most dangerous sports, highest paid YouTubers and hot topics. "For me the lists are almost like a time capsule," explained frontman Jared Leto. "Independently they may surprise, entertain or provoke, but as a group they give us a sense of the culture we are a part of and the times we are living in."

NOTE: Actual cover may differ from what is shown

• Vinyl LP

1. Walk On Water
2. Dangerous Night - produced by Zedd
3. Rescue Me
4. One Track Mind - ft. A$AP Rocky
5. Monolith
6. Love Is Madness - ft. Halsey
7. Great Wide Open
8. Hail To The Victor
9. Dawn Will Rise
10. Remedy
11. Live Like A Dream
12. Rider

2018 Interscope