They Might Be Giants - Lincoln [LP] (180 Gram, Transparent Red Colored Vinyl, download)

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Limited Edition 180g Transparent Red Vinyl LP!
30th Anniversary Reissue! Remastered at Sterling Sound!

In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the original release of Lincoln, Idlewild Recordings and They Might Be Giants are pleased to present this limited edition pressing of the classic 1988 album. This is truly an audiophile effort with the album remastered by UE Nastasi from Sterling sound and pressed on 180-gram vinyl in TRANSPARENT RED. The original artwork has been respected, with Brian Dewan's amazing cover and the lyric liner note sleeve fully reproduced. Each disc also arrives with a download card with a code to the remastered audio on digital files.

This has been a labor of love, and it is very exciting to have the opportunity to get this piece of TMBG history back on wax in a package worthy of its legacy. We know you will enjoy it.

"Cutting away some of the artier aspects of their debut, They Might Be Giants craft another wildly eclectic and geekily fun collection of alt-pop with Lincoln. In general, the album displays greater musical ambition than its predecessor, especially since the duo have trimmed many of the weirder excesses of the debut. Without such arty trappings, their gift for irresistible pop hooks becomes all the more clear, with 'Ana Ng,' 'Purple Toupee,' the Latin shuffle of 'The World's Address,' 'Santa's Beard,' the surprisingly affecting 'They'll Need a Crane,' and the lounge jazz of 'Kiss Me, Son of God' standing out among the 18 songs. And when They Might Be Giants don't go for the hooks, as on 'Pencil Rain' or 'Cage & Aquarium,' they prove to be expert musical satirists, which means that Lincoln is every bit as infectious as the debut." - AllMusic

• Audiophile 180g Vinyl
• Transparent Red Vinyl
• 30th Anniversary Limited Edition
• Remastered by UE Nastasi at Sterling Sound
• Original artwork
• Printed lyric sleeve
• Limited time download card
• Made in the Czech Republic

Side One:

1. Ana Ng
2. Cowtown
3. Lie Still, Little Bottle
4. Purple Toupee
5. Cage & Aquarium
6. Where Your Eyes Don't Go
7. Piece Of Dirt
8. Mr. Me
9. Pencil Rain
Side Two:
1. The World's Address
2. I've Got A Match
3. Santa's Beard
4. You'll Miss Me
5. They'll Need A Crane
6. Shoehorn With Teeth
7. Stand On Your Own Head
8. Snowball In Hell
9. Kiss Me, Son Of God

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