The Verve - A Northern Soul [2LP]

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Limited double vinyl LP pressing. A Northern Soul is the second studio album by English alternative rock band The Verve. The album was released in June 1995. The title is a reference to Northern Soul, a popular soul movement in Britain during the 1970s. A Northern Soul was a moderate success upon release, charting at number 13 in the UK, and has since after it's release received critical acclaim, as well as being ranked high in readers polls in popular music publications. A Northern Soul was a change in style for the band, moving from the psychedelic rock of their earlier work to alternative rock. Guitar Magazine writer Dan Eccleston claimed "the band retreated to their Wigan rehearsal room and plugged in, tuned up and flipped out into that parallel universe wherein the Verve song resides. And the result is A Northern Soul - a record whose deep, dark funky rock makes their actually rather lovely '93 debut A Storm in Heaven sound almost limp. The Verve essence remains - swirling guitar arpeggios, grand rock themes, sprawling structures - but it's warmer, denser and more powerful in every way."


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