Michael Schenker Group, The - Built To Destroy [LP] (Picture Disc)

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Fourth Album On Picture Disc Vinyl LP!
Final Studio Album Before Disbanding For Over A Decade!

The Michael Schenker Group is a rock back formed in 1979 by former UFO and Scorpions guitarist Michael Schenker. Their music is described as mostly melodic hard rock with progressive undertones. Michael Schenker is known for his unorthodox approach to lead guitar, as well as his half-black, half-white Gibson Flying V guitar. 

The fourth studio album from The Michael Schenker Group, Built To Destroy was originally released in 1983 and reached #23 on the UK albums chart. Gary Barden returned to the group on vocals following the departure of Graham Bonnet. This was the band's final studio album prior to their disbanding, and Schenker moving on to form the McAuley Schenker Group with vocalist Robin McAuley. New material released under the Michael Schenker Group name would not appear for over a decade.

"Built to Destroy was not much different than MSG's previous effort, Assault Attack, except that Gary Barden replaced Graham Bonnet on lead vocals. Michael Schenker's steady musicianship usually lifted his sometimes mediocre solo efforts into at least the listenable range. But other than 'Rock My Nights Away' and the instrumental 'Nemo,' most of the songs on this album sound like standard '80s fare: upbeat, keyboard-laced pop-metal songs with inspirationally banal lyrics that would fit nicely on a movie soundtrack. The U.K. version on BGO Records and the U.S. one on Chrysalis are supposed to have alternate mixes, but the difference is imperceptible. The easier to find American release has a shuffled song order. Built to Destroy, while average, was still much better than UFO albums from the same period, proving that Schenker was really the guiding force behind his former band." - Andy Hinds, allmusic.com 

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• Picture Disc

Side One:

1. Rock My Nights Away
2. I'm Gonna Make You Mine
3. The Dogs Of War
4. Systems Failing
5. Captain Nemo
Side Two:
1. Still Love That Little Devil
2. Red Sky
3. Time Waits (For No One)
4. Walk The Stage

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