The Kinks - Pop Stars In Disguise [2LP] Limited Black vinyl, import only release

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Limited Edition Double Black Vinyl!

Dynamic Kinks Broadcast From The Filmore West 1969. Ray Davies travelled to Los Angeles in April 1969, to negotiate an end to the American Federation of Musicians' ban on The Kinks from performing in the US. The group's management quickly made plans for a North American tour, to help restore their standing in the states. Before their return, the band recorded their next album, Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). As with the group’s previous two records, Arthur was grounded in characteristically English lyrical and musical hooks. A modest commercial success, it was well received by American music critics.
Side A : Till The End Of The Day / Mindless Child Of Motherhood / Last Of The Steam Powered Trains
Side B : You’re Looking Fine / Mr. Churchill Says
Side C : Big Sky / You Really Got Me / Love Me Till The Sun Shines / Brainwashed
Side D : Milk Cow Blues/See My Friend/Tired Of Waiting/Brainwashed / Louie Louie / Victoria / A Well Respected Man/Death Of A Clown/Dandy