Killers, The - Wonderful Wonderful [LP]

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Fifth Studio Album Features Lead Single "The Man"!

The 5th album from The Killers, fronted by Brandon Flowers, contains the lead single "The Man" as well as "Run For Cover".

The album contains songs that represent different aspects of Brandon Flowers' life, for example "The Man" goes back to when Killers began their career when he would 'puff up his chest' out of insecurity.

"The Killers' most vital album since Sam's Town in 2006." -, Mark Savage, July 28, 2017

• Vinyl LP

1. Wonderful Wonderful
2. The Man
3. Rut
4. Life To come
5. Run For Cover
6. Tyson vs. Douglas
7. Some Kind of Love
8. Out of My Mind
9. The Calling
10. Have All the Songs Been Written?

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