The Get Up Kids - Four Minute Mile [LP] (White Vinyl With Blue Splatter)

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In 1997, The Get Up Kids released the album that cata-pulted them to indie stardom, known as Four Minute Mile, the twelve song album combined with constant touring broke the band into a whole new level. Four Minute Mile created enormous buzz with a hooky immediacy and DIY aesthetic that was becoming the signature of midwest emo. Four Minute Mile is the album that put the Kansas City, MO. band on the map as everyone's favorite emo-pop rockers. With catchy lyrics, unique and powerful pop/rock composition, and an overall sense of energy, The Get Up Kids quickly won over fans nation wide. After nearly a decade of touring and a multitude of releases, the band members parted ways to pursue other projects. Singer Matt Pryor went on to form the New Am-sterdams, and recently released a solo project. Bassist Rob Pope is now a member of the successful indie rock group Spoon. And brothers Rob and Ryan played in Doghouse indie rock band Koufax. The Get Up Kids con-tributions to the Emo Music scene are apparent with artists from Fallout Boy to HelloGoodBye citing the band as a major influence. Re-Issue will be released on Limited Blue Color Vinyl. Produced by Bob Weston of Shellac. For fans of Jimmy Eat World, Weezer.