Black Crowes, The - Three Snakes And One Charm [2LP] 180 Gram

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Double LP Reissue of 1996 Album!
Pressed at Qualtiy Record Pressings!

The group's fourth album, originally released July 23, 1996, reached the #15 spot on the Billboard 200 in 1996 and produced two successful songs "Blackberry" and "Good Friday".

"... where Amorica was rich with kaleidoscopic colors, Three Snakes and One Charm is stripped-down and direct. Sure, it has a punchy, muscular sound that is, if anything, more eclectic than its predecessor, but the production is distressingly monotonous and the songs lack strong hooks. Even with its faults, Three Snakes and One Charm is a winning album, mainly because the Black Crowes' musicianship continues to deepen -- the musical fusions and eclecticism are seamless, particularly from lead guitarist Rich Robinson..." -

• Double LP
• Pressed at Qualtiy Record Pressings

1. Under A Mountain
2. Good Friday
3. Nebakenezer
4. One Mirror Too Many
5. Blackberry
6. Girl From A Pawnshop
7. (Only) Halfway To Everywhere
8. Bring On, Bring On
9. How Much For Your Wings
10. Let Me Share the Ride
11. Better When You're Not Alone
12. Evil Eye
13. Just Say You're Sorry
14. Pimper's Paradise