Ted Nugent - Fred Bear [LP] (Orange Vinyl, 35th Anniversary)

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35th Anniversary EP on Hunter Orange Vinyl!

This 2023 vinyl EP communicates the 35th anniversary of the passing of the iconic bowhunter Fred Bear and the release of the iconic Ted Nugent song that pays tribute to Fred Bear. This special vinyl release includes the original studio version & Hunt Music version, plus two unreleased versions of the classic song.

Pressed on hunter orange vinyl.


  • 35th Anniversary Edition
  • 12" Vinyl EP
  • Hunter Orange Vinyl
  • Two Unreleased Versions
  • Executive Produced by Ted Nugent & Jason Hartless
  • Liner Notes by Ted Nugent & Doug Podell


Side A:

  1. Fred Bear (Studio Version)
  2. Fred Bear (Hunt Music Jam)

Side B:

  1. Fred Bear (Instrumental Acoustic Version) - unreleased
  2. Fred Bear (Live in Toledo - 12/30/1994) - unreleased

2023 Sound City Records