Suicidal Tendencies - Controlled By Hatred / Feel Like Shit... Deja Vu [LP] (Fruit Punch Vinyl) (limited)

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Limited Fruit Punch Colored Vinyl!

Controlled By Hatred/Feel Like Shit…Deja-vu is where Suicidal Tendencies put down the Pepsi, got possessed to skate and cranked up the tempo into thrash’s proverbial red. By 1989, guitarist Mike Clark had jumped to ST from fellow Venice wrecking crew, No Mercy (who Suicidal covers on four of this record’s tracks) and upped the ante as Mike Muir’s loved-n-feared mob gave the likes of Anthrax, Slayer or Megadeth a run for their collective monies. This is Suicidal Tendencies at their fastest and deadliest.

2022 Red Music Legacy Vinyl