Styx - The Mission [LP] New 2017 Studio Release on vinyl LP!

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180g Vinyl LP!- New 2017 Studio Release!

Styx's sonically sweet 16th studio album is ambitious and challenging. "Gone Gone Gone" is the first single from the 2017 released album. This true Hi-Fidelity analog recording is a return to the band's progressive rock roots, complete with a courageous & visionary concept! A captivating adventure unfolds across 14 tracks with a story set in the future but recorded in the sound of the near past.

"The planets truly aligned for THE MISSION, and I couldn't be prouder," says vocalist/guitarist Tommy Shaw, who co-wrote the album's storyline with longtime collaborator Will Evankovich (Shaw/Blades, The Guess Who). "It's our boldest, most emblematic album since PIECES OF EIGHT."

"A throwback to the styles of classic Styx records like THE GRAND ILLUSION and PIECES OF EIGHT, THE MISSION is a wonderful mix of knotty, '70s-era progressive rock madness alongside the melodic power pop the band does so well. Todd Sucherman might be the baby of the group, but he's an old soul when it comes to finding the right flavor for the new material—and he's not shy to provide a healthy slab of blazing hand technique, elevating parts to a whole other level of excitement." - Ilya Stemkovsky, Modern Drummer

• 180g Vinyl
• Gatefold

Side 1:

1. Overture
2. Gone Gone Gone
3. Hundred Million Miles From Home
4. Trouble At The Big Show
5. Locomotive
6. Radio Silence
Side 2:
7. The Greater Good
8. Time May Bend
9. Ten Thousand Ways
10. Red Storm
11. All Systems Stable
12. Khedive
13. The Outpost
14. Mission To Mars

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