Studio Ghibli [5x7'' Box Set] Japanese import, remastered from original tapes, replica cover art, includes bonus colored 7'' w/unreleased songs, Studio Ghibli 7'' adapter, limited

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(Scheduled for release mid July)

Theme songs of Studio Ghibli's popular works from the movies ''Nausicaa of The Valley of the Wind'' (which was released 35 years ago), ''Castle In The Sky/Laputa'' and ''My Neighbor Totoro'' which have been loved by many people and even appeared in music textbooks. The original 7'' singles will be reissued and included in this box set. Now newly remastered, you can enjoy the vinyl-only sound. We hope you experience the greatness of these vinyl records.

* NOTE: final cover artwork has not yet been revealed.  Above image is temporary, as it shows the original sleeves for the 4 reissue singles.

Box set contains:


4x original 7'' + special bonus colored vinyl disc

* Disc 1-4 = Reissues of the original EPs

* Special Bonus Disc 5 = unreleased instrumental versions of crystal clear sound

>> New jacket artwork

>> Red, blue or yellow disc is included at random


+ custom adapter for large hole 7'' vinyl records

* Adapter = Studio Ghibli Records Original Adapter


Track List (translated to English)


Disc 1

Side A: Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind (4:04)

Side B: Wind Fairy (4:18)

Vocal: Narumi Yasuda

(originally released 1/25/1984 - cat#: ANS-2008)


Disc 2

Side A: If I Can Fly In The Sky

Side B: I Don't Need Virgin Road

Vocal: Yoko Obata

(originally released 5/25/1986 - cat#: 7AGS-7)


Disc 3

Side A: My Neighbor Totoro

Side B: Carrying You

Vocal: Azumi Inoue

(originally released 10/25/1987 - cat#: 7AGS-12)


Disc 4

Side A: My Neighbor Totoro

Side B: Hey Let's Go

Vocal: Azumi Inoue

(originally released 3/25/1988 - cat#: 7AGS-14)


Disc 5 - Special Bonus Disc / random colored vinyl

Side A: Carrying You (unreleased Crystal Clear Sound instrumental)

Side B: My Neighbor Totoro (unreleased Crystal Clear Sound instrumental)



2019Studio Ghibli Records/Tokuma Japan Communications