Strawberry Alarm Clock, The - Wake Up... It's Tomorrow [LP] (Psychedelic Swirl Colored Vinyl)

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Psychedelic Swirl Vinyl LP! Pressed at RTI!
Ambitious Musical Statement! Includes "Tomorrow", "Sit With The Guru", "Pretty Song From Psych-Out" & More! 

The Strawberry Alarm Clock’s unique sound—full of beautiful, day-glo pop surrounding jagged, fuzzy guitars and organs, among other garage-rock influences—is explored through a number of dreamlike gems contained in this volume, presented as originally issued! Wake Up...It’s Tomorrow contains fan favorites (and ’60s psych gold) like “Sit With the Guru,” and many more—pressed on Psychedelic Swirl Vinyl!

Wake Up...It’s Tomorrow, The Strawberry Alarm Clock’s second album, is what many fans consider the most ambitious musical statement of the band’s career. Includes “Tomorrow,” “Sit with the Guru,” and the haunting “Pretty Song from Psych-Out,” theme of the cult-classic film of the same name.

Containing what many consider to be Strawberry Alarm Clock’s finest moments on record, “Wake Up” is an excellent LP from start to end. Much like their first LP, the group dominated the song writing and great tunes are the fore! This was the first LP by the now five-piece Alarm Clock; Gary Lovetro left prior to the recording of this LP. 

"For their second album, Wake Up...It's Tomorrow, Strawberry Alarm Clock built upon the solid writing and musicianship that inevitably carried over from the Incense and Peppermints project. In retrospect, it is baffling as to why they were relegated to the 'one-hit wonders' file, as their most social and musically relevant statements had yet to be made." - Lindsay Planer,, Rated 3.5/5 Stars

• Psychedelic Swirl Vinyl
• Pressed at RTI

Mark Weitz, keyboards, vocals
Randy Seol, drums, keyboard, percussion, vocals
Edward King, guitars, vocals
Lee Freeman, guitars, sitar, vocals
George Bunnell, bass guitar, vocals

Side One:

1. Nightmare Of Percussion
2. Soft Skies, No Lies
3. Tomorrow
4. They Saw The Fat One Coming
5. Curse Of The Witches
Side Two:
1. Sit With The Guru
2. Go Back
3. Pretty Song From Psych-Out
4. Sitting On A Star
5. Black Butter, Past
6. Black Butter, Present
7. Black Butter, Future   



2019  Sundazed