Stooges, The - Live At Whiskey A GoGo [LP] (White Vinyl, bonus track)

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Limited Edition White Vinyl LP!

Shortly after the release of the Raw Power album, Mainman - the agency that handles the band - opened Mainman West, an office in Los Angeles.

The Stooges, back from England, decided to follow suit and moved to L.A., practicing their art five days a week. A series of performances (five times two concerts) is by chance recorded. These performances are described by the trade magazine Back Door Man as "the best rock concerts of all time."

It is one of those historic moments that appears here, with, as a bonus, "She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills" that the Stooges seem to have performed only once (from another show)!


  • Limited Edition
  • White Vinyl
  • Master tape provided by Ron Asheton
  • Recorded at Los Angeles Whiskey A GoGo 9/16/1973
  • Bonus Track "She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills"


Side One:

  1. Raw Power
  2. Head On
  3. Search And Destroy
  4. I Need Somehow

Side Two:

  1. New Orleans
  2. She Creatures Of Hollywood Hills

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