Steve Miller Band - Live: Hits From The 70s [LP] Limited 180gram Eco Vinyl, Gatefold {import)

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Limited Edition 180gram Eco Vinyl, Gatefold!

Few groups that established themselves in the 1960s survived the transition into the '70s better than the Steve Miller Band. Their commercial heyday would arrive with 'The Joker' in 1973, but chart success would continue into the '80s when past hits were still on rotation and remained FM radio staples. 'Live... Hits From The 70s' is testament to the enduring appeal of these iconic hits that have become synonymous with the greatest American rock bands and placed the Steve Miller Band in the pantheon of rock music for all time. Get Yer Vinyl Out takes you back to those halcyon days when rock roamed free and ruled the airwaves with the Steve Miller Band flying the flag for rock'n'roll's true destiny! Carefully restored and professionally remastered original broadcast, presented with background liners and timeline photos. Comes on 180gr eco mixed vinyl.

1. The Joker *
2. Take The Money And Run **
3. Swingtown **
4. Jungle Love **
5. Living In The USA *
6. Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash **

1. Rock'n Me Baby **
2. Jet Airliner **
3. Heart Like A Wheel **
4. Fly Like An Eagle **
5. Kow Kow Calqulator *
* Record Plant, San Francisco, CA 1st July 1973 (KSAN-FM)
** Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ 25th June 1978 (WNEW-FM)

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