Squeeze - Squeeze [LP] (180 Gram, remastered)

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Debut Album Reissued On 180g Vinyl LP!

This album was released in 1978 and produced by John Cale of Velvet Underground. While it did not show the true direction that Squeeze would take on later albums, it did deliver the standout track "Take Me I’m Yours." Remastered on 180 gram heavyweight vinyl.

• 180g Vinyl LP
• Remastered
• Made in Czech Republic

Side One:

1. Sex Master
2. Bang Bang
3. Strong In Reason
4. Wild Sewerage Tickles Brazil
5. Out Of Control
6. Take Me I'm Yours
Side Two:
1. The Call
2. Model
3. Remember What
4. First Thing Wrong
5. Hesitation (Rule Britannia)
6. Get Smart

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