Soul Asylum - The Silver Lining [2LP] Black Vinyl, Gatefold ( First Time on Vinyl for 2006 Album!)

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First Time On Vinyl!

Available for the first time on Vinyl, Soul Asylum’s 2006 album The Silver Lining was their last to feature bassist Karl Mueller, who tragically passed away from cancer before the completion of the album. It is also the first to feature Michael Bland on drums. Produced by John Fields, and mastered for vinyl by Justin Perkins at Mystery Room Mastering, the double LP features printed sleeves and gatefold packaging and includes the hidden track “Fearless Leader”.

The album was widely considered a return to form for the long-standing Minneapolis rock band who found commercial success in the 90s with Grave Dancer’s Union and Let Your Dim Light Shine after enjoying underground accolades throughout the 80s.

“Sounds like a band that’s discovered how to enjoy itself again.” – Spin

“Having once wooed alterna-teens, Soul Asylum have figured out a sound that their grown-up fans can enjoy” – Rolling Stone

“The sound of a band growing old comfortably” – Q

Track Listing:

Side A

  1. Stand Up And Be Strong
  2. Lately
  3. Crazy Mixed Up World

Side B

  1. All Is Well
  2. Bus Named Desire
  3. Watcha Need

Side C

  1. Standing Water
  2. Success Is Not So Sweet
  3. Great Exaggerator

Side D

  1. Oxygen
  2. Good For You
  3. Slowly Rising
  4. Fearless Leader

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