Soilwork - Whisp Of The Atlantic [LP] (Clear Vinyl, limited)

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Limited Clear Colored Vinyl!

A Whisp of the Atlantic, which might be the most pretentious and progressive song created by SOILWORK this far, is all about alienation.

Their musical and their philosophical approach on the new EP does not only close the circle of the ‘The Feverish Trinity’ but also invites the listener to dive deep into the most primal element: Water. With that said, the red thread running through the whole record gets more and more visible, even to an uneducated eye. Starting with ‘A Whisp Of The Atlantic’ and ending with ‘Feverish’, the whole EP is a journey from the rage of individuals to the search for something that replaces religion.

It is a journey that one must be willing to join, a discovery for those brave enough to search for hidden secrets. However, in the end, it is a win for everyone putting the record on since it features SOILWORK in their strongest and most iconic form ever.

          2021 Nuclear Blast