Soft Machine - Paris 1970 [2LP] Limited Splatter Colored Vinyl (import)

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Hand-Numbered, Limited Edition On 180g Double LP!
Pressed On Splatter Colored Vinyl! Professionally Remastered!


Soft Machine, live from the Théâtre de la Musique, Paris on March 2nd, 1970.

Despite their gradual dissolution in the late '70s, Soft Machine's stock has never been higher thanks to a steady stream of archival recordings that continue to surface and throw light on the importance of varying lineups. The quintet version of the band, captured at the Théâtre de la Musique, Paris on March 2nd, 1970 for France's Pop Deux TV show features that short-lived and often-lamented lineup of Lyn Dobson and Elton Dean on their respective reeds accompanying the obligatory Hopper, Ratledge, and Wyatt. The Paris date in March caught Dobson near the end of his tenure which came two weeks later. Suffice to say, the historical value of this recording is undoubted; the five-man lineup was joyous, but sadly all too brief.

London Calling bends your ear with a rare, captivating performance from our beloved Softs, live in Paris, 1970, covering their first two albums and songs exclusive to performances from this period. Includes the entire Pop Deux TV broadcast. Visually interesting, but moreover, stunning to hear. Personnel: Mike Ratledge - Lowrey organ, Hohner pianet; Robert Wyatt - drums, vocals; Hugh Hopper - bass; Elton Dean - alto sax, saxello; Lyn Dobson - soprano sax, flute, voice, harmonica. Superb, professional remastering. Includes background liners and rare archival photos. Hand-numbered gatefold sleeve; 180-gram splatter vinyl.


  • Hand-Numbered, Limited Edition
  • 180g Double Vinyl LP
  • Splatter Vinyl
  • Professionally Remastered
  • Background Liners
  • Rare Archival Photos
  • Gatefold Jacket
  • Import


Side A:

  1. Eamonn Andrews
  2. Mousetrap
  3. Noisette
  4. Backwards
  5. Mousetrap (reprise)

Side B:

  1. Out-Bloody-Rageous

Side C:

  1. Facelift
  2. Slightly All the Time
  3. Moon in June (organ solo)

Side D:

  1. 18-8 Theme
  2. Vocal Improv.
  3. Esther's Nose Job

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