Soft Cell - *Happiness Not Included [LP] (Yellow Colored Vinyl) (limited)

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Limited Edition Yellow Colored Vinyl!

Soft Cell - legendary frontman Marc Almond and producer / instrumentalist Dave Ball - return with their fifth studio album and first in 20 years, *Happiness Not Included. It represents their first new album since they issued Cruelty Without Beauty back in 2002.

Track Listing

Side A

  1. Happy Happy
  2. Polaroid
  3. Bruises On My Illusions
  4. Purple Zone (Soft Cell Version)
  5. Heart Like Chernobyl
  6. Light Sleepers

Side B

  1. Happiness Not Included
  2. Nostalgia Machine
  3. I'm Not a Friend of God
  4. Tranquiliser
  5. New Eden

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