Social Distortion - Prison Bound (Deluxe Edition) [LP] (180 Gram Vinyl, Concrete Colored Vinyl, art print, 300 include Mike Ness autographed art print, limited to 2000)


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Social Distortion Prison Bound: Deluxe Edition on Limited Edition Colored 180g LP 

Concrete Colored 180g Vinyl w/ Embossed/Debossed Album Jacket & Commorative Art Print 
Limited Edition of 2000 / 300 Copies to include Mike Ness' Autographed Version of the Commemorative Art Print
Mixing Springsteen’s factory-overalls ethic with Southern California punk energy and black leather, punk godfathers Social Distortion have all but trademarked their sound over the past 30 some years, a brand of hard rockabilly/punk that’s cut with the melodic, road-tested lyrics of frontman Mike Ness. Their searing guitars and a locomotive rhythm section drive Ness’ hard-luck tales of love, loss and lessons learned.
In addition to the early punk of The Ramones and The Clash, the band’s sound was culled equally from Ness’ love of roots music, specifically early country music greats like Hank Williams and the early blues recordings of the South. The group broke in 1983 with the thrashing plate of punk and displeasure of Mommy's Little Monster followed by 1988 sonic turning point release Prison Bound which saw Ness expand Social Distortion’s songwriting into the signature sound we know today complete with stories of hard living and redemption.  
The influential album's moving title track about a wasted life is one of the greatest songs to ever come out of Orange County while further highlights include the Johnny Cash meets Joe Strummer "Like an Outlaw (For You)" and a strident cover of the Rolling Stones' "Backstreet Girl." From this point Ness turned Social Distortion’s albums into an ongoing dialogue about impulsiveness, its consequences and the hard struggle to overcome. 
The classic Prison Bound is now available on vinyl once again for the first time in years, this time on limited edition concrete colored 180g vinyl with a commemorative art print (300 of the 2000 copies to include Mike Ness' autograph on the art print).
Social Distortion Prison Bound - Deluxe Edition Track Listing:
1.  It's the Law
2.  Indulgence
3.  Like an Outlaw (For You)
4.  Backstreet Girl
5.  Prison Bound
6.  No Pain No Gain
7.  On My Nerves
8.  I Want What I Want
9.  Lawless
10. Lost Child