Social Distortion - Live At The Roxy [2LP]

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First & Only Live Album From The Punk Rock Icons On Double LP!
Blistering Live Set Featuring "The Story Of My Life", "Bad Luck", "Ball & Chain", "Ring Of Fire" & More!

This live album was originally released in 1998 and was the last album to feature rhythm guitarist Dennis Dannell. Dannell died on February 29, 2000 after apparently suffering a brain aneurysm at his Newport Beach home.  

The album features live performances of the single "Story of My Life, "Under my Thumb", written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as well as Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire".

• Double LP
• First (and only) live album from Social Distortion
• 18x24 replica of poster that came with the original 1998 LP pressing, featuring Mike Ness onstage

Side A:

1. Story Of My Life
2. Bad Luck
3. Under My Thumb
4. Prison Bound
Side B:
1. Mommy's Little Monster
2. Mass Hysteria
3. The Creeps
4. Another State Of Mind
5. Let It Be Me
Side C:
1. No Pain, No Gain
2. Cold Feelings
3. Telling Them
4. I Was Wrong
5. 1945
Side D:
1. Don't Drag Me Down
2. Ball & Chain
3. Ring Of Fire

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