Sigur Ros - Von [2LP + CD] (150 Gram, download, insert, first time on vinyl)


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Debut Album from Sigur Ros on 180g Double Vinyl! Includes Bonus CD!

Von is the debut album of Icelandic post-rock band Sigur Ros. The production of the album took a long time, and the end result sounded significantly different from the original recordings. The band considered scrapping the final result and starting all over again, but decided not to because it would have made the process too long. In exchange for recording time, Sigur Rós painted the studio they recorded in.

Von was originally released in Iceland to moderate critical acclaim, but went relatively unnoticed abroad. In the first year following the release, Von sold only 313 copies in Iceland. Following the band's popular international releases, Ágætis byrjun and ( ), it was re-released in the United Kingdom in September 2004, and in the United States a month later. In December 2005, Von and Ágætis byrjun were declared platinum albums in Iceland, signifying domestic sales of over 5,000.

"Based on pure sound, Von is just as much of a treat as the acclaimed follow-up." -Andy Kellman,

• 180g Vinyl
• Double LP
• Packaged in clear purple sleeve
• Contains CD

1. Sigur Ros
2. Dogun
3. Hun Joro
4. Leit ao Iifi
5. Myrkur
6. 18 sekundur fyrir solaruppras
7. Hafssol
8. Verold ny og oo
9. Von
10. Mistur
11. Syndir Guos (Opinberun frelsarans)
12. Rukrym

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